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Farewell from Cathy


Announcement Links
If you have any questions or would like to access the forms, please see Announcement Links above. Scholarships have been moved to the Guidence Page
Juniors and Seniors Anouncements
Forms for job shadowing and college visitation are available in the Guidance office. If you want to drive to school please make sure you have filled out the Drive to School Form, located in the front office. Scholarships are availble.
Classroom Supplies Needed!
If you would like to donate much needed classroom supplies, please see the Classroom Supply Wish List in the Announcement Links above. Your donations are greatly appreciated!
Accident Policy
For informations about the Voulenteer Student Accident Policy, Please click on the Announcement Links button above. This insurance is avalible for purchase by parents.
PIAA Physical Form
If your child is going to participate in any sport they must have a PIAA Physical form completed. Please see it in the Announcment Links above.
Confluence Creative Arts Center
Check out the upcoming events at the Creative Arts Center! Please visit their site at: www.confluencecreativeartscenter.org
Turkeyfoot has the following positions availiable: Girls Basketball Coaches (Varsity, Jr. Varsity, and Jr. High) Softball Coach Baseball Assistant Coach Substitute Nurse Substitute Secretaries Substitute Teachers (must have 4 year degree in ANY major. Does not have to be a teaching degree) Please see the Employment page for more information
TVASD offers an on-line computer program that allows parents to view their child's grades, homework, missing assignments, and lesson plans. To sign up for this free service, please call 395-3621 ext: 306 or stop by room 208. This service requires Internet access
Permission to Pick up Student
We are continually striving to provide a safe and secure environment for all of our students. As such, we are asking for parents to provide names of all persons permitted to pick up their children. Verbal confirmation and a permission slip from parents/guardians will still be need to be turned in to the front office if someone will be picking up a student. If the person is not on the approved list, the student will not be permitted to leave. Administration will give the final approval as to whether a student is permitted to leave with someone other than a parent/guardian. If you have not recieved the Permission to Pick Up Student Form, please print one from the Announcement Links below and return it promptly.
Class Dues
7th-9th grade: $5 10th grade: $10 11th grade: $15 12th grade: $25 Please give money to your class treasurer. Class dues are assigned to help pay for the class's graduation. Seniors must pay dues before they can graduate.
School Reach Communtication Program
If you have not recieved the form to have your phone numbers added to the School Reach Communication System, please print the form listed in Announcement Links and return it to the school. This system will notify you in the even of snow days, early dismissals, two-hour delays, and any peritinent reminders concerning school.
Pennsylvania Taxpayer Relief Act, Act 1 of 2006
The legal term for this is a “Homestead or Farmstead Exclusion” was signed into law on June 27, 2006 to allow school districts to reduce property taxes by lowering your property tax bill. You must apply for the tax relief by filing a Homestead Exclusion application. To file an application please see the Act 1 links in the announcemts page.
Students of the Month
May Students of the Month: 7th- Clay Strickland 8th- Samuel King 9th- Emma Rugg 10th- Chase Hyatt 11- Justin Parks & Alyssa Smith 12-Nellie Nace
Yearbook Sales
You may purchase your yearbooks online at www.jostensyearbooks.com
New Cafeteria Policy
As a courtesy to all Turkeyfoot Valley Students and Families, the school will be sending out a School Reach reminder call to you that your child has reached a lunch account balance of $5.00. Once your child’s lunch account has reached $10.00, written notification will be mailed reminding you of your child’s cafeteria obligation. Finally, once your child has reached a $15.00 charge limit in the cafeteria and they still wish to have school lunch, your child will receive an “Alternative Lunch.” The alternative lunch will consist of a cheese sandwich, applesauce cup and white milk, until payment is received on your child’s lunch account. Please know that you may always pack your child’s lunch as an alternative as well.
All scholarship announcements have been moved to the Guidance Page. Please go there for more information and updates. Thank You!
Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program
This program enables eligible students residing within the boundries of a low-achieving school to apply for a scholarship to attend a participating public or nonpublic school. A low-acheiveing school is defined as a public elementary or secondary school ranking is in the bottom 15 percent. This ranking is based upon PASA/PSSA and/or Keystones exams. Additional information is in the Announcement Links above!
Yearly Parent Athletic Meeting
A parent/guardian of each player must attend one athletic parent meeting which will cover your child's entire athletic career, grades 7-12 while at Turkeyfoot. A parent or guardian must attend one meeting before the student will be permitted to practice or participate in extracurricular events. Administration reserves the right to require additional meetings as necessary.
Rockwood Sports
Notice a of May 2014: Beginning with the 2014/2015 school year, all students participating in the Fall Athletic Co-Op Agreement with the Rockwood School District will now be required to pay a $300 participation fee IF THE STUDENT QUITS THE SPORT AFTER THE FIRST REGULARLY SCHEDULED COMPETITION. This participation fee will be added to your student financial obligation and is considered a graduation requirement. Turkeyfoot students needing to make restitution of this $300 obligation will make their payhment to the Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District (TVASD).

Calendar & Menu

2013-2014 School Year



2:00 pm Graduation


Teacher In-Service


Teacher In-service


FFA Activities Week


Board Meeting 7:30



V. Boys @ Berlin


V. Boys 8-9:30 am V. Girls 9:30-11 Jr High 11-12:30


V. Boys @ Berlin


V. Boys 8-9:30 am V. Girls 9:30-11 Jr High 11-12:30


V. Boys @ Berlin



August Menu


Lunch: Breakfast Pizza-Elem Chicken Fajita-HS Corn Peaches Juice

Breakfast: Cereal Donut Holes Applesauce Juice


Lunch: Spaghetti Steamed Carrots Applesauce Bread

Breakfast: French Toast Sticks Sausage Craisins Juice


Lunch: Vegetable Soup Ham and Cheese on roll Banana Cucumbers and Peppers with Dip Juice

Breakfast: Ceral Oatmeal Spice Bar Strawberries Juice


Lunch: Crispy Chicken Salad French Fries Raisins Garlic Bread

Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza or Cereal Rice Krispy Bar Peaches Juice


No School Labor Day


Lunch: Chicken Noodle Soup Hot Dog or Chili Dog on Roll Carrots Tomatoe and Dip Oranges Juice

Breakfast: French Toast Sticks Suasage Applesuace Juice


Lunch: Oven BBQ Chicken Whipped Potatoes Tossed Salad Strawberries Bread

Breakfast: Cereal Sweet Roll Peaches Juice


Lunch: Pizza Round Broccoli Marinated Cole Slaw Apple

Breakfast: Canadian Bacon & Egg Croissant or Cereal & Nutri Grain Bar Strawberries Juice


Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad French Fries Banana Garlic Bread

Breakfast: Cinnamon Yogurt Apple Slices Juice


Lunch: Macaroni & Cheese Fish or Hamburger on Roll Peas Tossed Salad Strawberry Craisins

Breakfast: Waffle Sticks Applesauce String Cheese Juice


Lunch: Sloppy Joe on Roll Baked Potatoes Broccoli Oranges

Breakfast: Cereal Blueberry Muffin Peaches Juice


Lunch: Tomato Soup or Broccoli Soup Grilled Cheese Mini Carrots & Dip Mixed Fruit Juice

Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza or Cereal & Rice Krispy Bar Strawberries Juice


Lunch: Chicken Nuggets - El Tangerine Chicken - HS Rice Pilaf Corn Baked Beans Grapes Juice Sherbert

Breakfast: Maple Mini Pancakes Suasage Apple Slices Juice


Lunch: Hot Pork Sandwich Whipped Potatoes Cole Slaw Baked Apples

Breakfast: Banana Bread Yogurt Craisins Juice


Lunch: Cheezee Bread with Dipping Sauce Winter Blend Apples Juice Sorbet

Breakfast: Cereal Banana Bread Peaches Juice


Lunch: Chicken Teriyaki or Mini Corn Dog Rice Pilaf Peas Cole Slaw Peaches

Breakfast: Blueberry Waffles Yogurt Applesauce Juice


Lunch: Turkey Noode Soup or Wedding Soup Ham & Cheese on Roll Peppers, Cuccumbers, Dip Banana Juice

Breakfast: Cereal Cinnamon Burst Bread Strawberries Juice


Lunch: Taco Salad Corn Refried Beans Mixed Fruit Soft Pretzel

Breakfast: Croissant with Egg & Ham or Cereal & Orange Mini Loaf Apple Slices Juice



Welcome to the ‘Foot!


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This site is designed and updated by Turkeyfoot students.
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