iPad Program

Transformation, Innovation and Individualization

iPads in the Elementary

By: Haylee Wilson

This year, our 1st through 6th graders are being introduced to new technology! The IPads that they will receive will be focused on the student’s personal skills, and will be adapted to each and every student. The IPads are programmed through eSpark. eSpark helps students with differentiated instruction, and adapts to student’s needs. It can also be used for study habits. There is a three step process to using the App. The first step is setting goals, associated through academic standards. Then, students and teachers will be able to personalize goals. Lastly, students will be monitored on their progress. The IPads have up to 40 available learning apps to choose from. The students will perform "missions" to complete academic standards, and quests to accomplish goals. They will do this through a number of steps:

Student Quest

  1. Pre-Assessment - 5-10 question quiz (If students score 100% they can move forward)
  2. Framing Video - Introduces the objective to the student
  3. Instructional Video - Core of the lesson
  4. IOS and Web Apps - Students interact  to learn the standard
  5. Post-Assessment- 5- 10 questions to check understanding  (need 80% to move forward, 3 tries)
  6. Synthesis Video  - Students create a video to show what they have learned