We believe that each child is a unique person with an individual growth pattern of development.  In the realm of curriculum and instruction we must be responsive to individual differences in ability and interests to help students maximize their potential.  To ensure opportunities for success levels of ability, readiness, and learning styles will be recognized, accepted and integrated as teachers implement district curriculum requirements for all students. We believe that specific areas of emphasis should not only include needed basic skills, and the ability to acquire knowledge, but challenge students to achieve at higher levels, applying learned problem solving strategies.

     We believe students should be encouraged to develop a mutual respect for themselves and others, and to become citizens fully capable of exercising their right to self-determination.  We will promote social growth, understanding, and acceptance of others in an effort to celebrate our differences.

    We believe the ability to receive and transmit ideas is fundamental to growth in all curricular areas.  This ability can be exhibited through the following areas:  listening, observing, speaking, reading and writing.  It is further felt, that a planned program of sequential instruction is needed to direct and develop their abilities.

     We further believe that the evaluation of these abilities cannot be done separately, but must be considered in terms of the functioning and interrelating of these abilities in terms of the “whole” curriculum.

     We also believe that democratic concepts are the life blood of our society. Thus, the whole school program must work to the end of fully realizing and extending the purposes of democratic ways of living.  To do this , we must be sympathetically interested in youth and its problems and guided by a genuine love for young people.

     Our belief is that the purpose of the Turkeyfoot Valley Area Schools is not to produce historians, geographers or scientists.  The goal is rather to produce well-adjusted citizens with the techniques for selecting and solving problems and for incorporating their results into constructive democratic living.

     Finally, it is the school’s responsibility to provide meaningful background of experiences that will help the child become a successful member of his present social group, thus leading to competent living in a world society.