Discovering Agriculture - 7th Grade

Discovering  Agriculture - Syllabus

Fall / Spring 2017-18

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Miss Jessie Ross                                        395-3621 x318



This is a semester long course that is designed to introduce 7th grade students to Agriculture Education and the FFA Organization. Students will be taking part in classroom and laboratory work in the areas of Plant/Animal Science and Agriculture Mechanics. In addition, students will be discovering these areas further on their own through the development of an individual SAE (supervised agricultural experience). Throughout the year students will be a member of the FFA Organization; taking part in activities to formalize themselves with the organization every Friday, take part in chapter, community, regional, and state events to develop their leadership skill and career skills. 

Expectations and Goals3 circle

It is the goal of the program to endow Learners with 21st century skills needed to achieve Success in their future endeavors, in the areas on agricultural conservation, education, management, and production.


Student’s overall grade for this course will be based on work in all three components that make up Agriculture Education: 30% SAE, 30% FFA, and 40% Classroom/laboratory instruction.


Required Materials

  • Notebook/Paper
  • Pencils/Pens
  • Folder/Binder

*** Students will have a 1-1 IPads that be utilized for different classroom/laboratory activities throughout the course***

THEN & NOW: Due September 22nd, 2017

7TH Grade Agriculture History Unit Evaluation (STEM) Project

  • Work in Groups of 2 (there will be 1 group of 3 due to class size). Students may pick their groups.
  • DUE SEPTEMBER 22ND, 2017
  • Need to have for a “Good Grade”:
    1. Names on the Project ( no name = a zero)
    2. Turned in on the Due date and ready to present to the class.
    3. Photo Timeline showing the evolution of your Ag advancement ( 5 photo min.)
    4. A Typed 1 page paper discussing the development of your advancement and how it has improved or setback Agriculture.
      • Size 12 Font
      • Times New Roman
      • Double Spaced
      • YOUR OWN WORDS AND THOUGHTS - Citation/Bibliography Page ( NO COPY and PASTING)
    5. Model of the “First Generation “of your advancement, made in class (STEM PROJECT).