The choice of a curriculum as preparation for future employment or for education beyond high school is of serious nature and should be given careful consideration by you and your parents. There are two different areas you may go into beyond the 8th grade. The college/technical business program is designed to prepare you for college entrance and for other institutions of higher learning.

The vocational-technical school is located in Somerset, PA. If you choose this avenue, beginning in the 10th grade, you will attend the vocational school in the afternoon and Turkeyfoot Valley in the morning.  The website is

Please consult the guidance office for a complete breakdown of required courses and elective offerings.

Report cards for the first three grading periods will be distributed about one week after the end of the nine-week grading period. The fourth nine-week report card will be mailed to your parents.

If you receive an incomplete on your report card, you must make-up all work within one week of the end of the grading period. The exception of this is if you were to miss five (5) consecutive days at the end of the grading period. In this situation, you will have an amount of time equal to the time missed to complete all make-up work.

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